You Know The Promise, But Can You Handle the Process?

Process= a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. You may have a goal, but in order to reach your goal you must go through the process! We want the promise, but we don't want to go through the process! Think about the butterfly it is very beautiful to look at! But, do you know the process it had to go through to become one of the most beautiful creatures in the world to look at? Think about it caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly! It had to be in a tight uncomfortable place. I'm sure it had some pain as well! Change and growth is very uncomfortable. But, go a head and go through the process so you can metamorphosis into who you are suppose to be or get to the goal you want to reach!

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Leave = to cause or allow to be or remain in a certain condition. Sometimes you have to just leave things where they are! There are times when things are out of your control, You can't fix or correct