What Schooled You?

Schooled = The word is used in slang too, often to describe how someone is taught a lesson, the hard way. I'm sure everyone have been schooled in some way or another in their lives and if you have not keep living! You have had a bad or horrific situation that have happen to you or someone you know! Maybe it was that one thing that taught you a life lesson! It was that one thing that "Schooled You"! For some of you it may have been an ideal you had that you thought it would bring you lots of money, but you ended up loosing money! For others it may have been someone that you truly trusted for years and they have now become your worse enemy! Whatever it was that schooled you was the thing that made you reevaluate how you see others and how you view situations that may arise. So, take getting schooled so that you will not end up in a situation or with a person like that again!

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Leave = to cause or allow to be or remain in a certain condition. Sometimes you have to just leave things where they are! There are times when things are out of your control, You can't fix or correct