Don't Lose Your Petals!

What does petal symbolize? According to google search; Red petals undoubtedly symbolize passion and love, while white rose petals more highlight the virtues of ones' purity. Depending on the setting and context the colors of the petals can take on very different meanings and the message you're trying to express could become ambiguous if not lost.

What makes you flourish (grow or shine)? What is the thing that makes you stand out in a crowd? What is that one thing that makes you look like a rose in the middle of a desert? We all have something in us that makes us great! We often times plant ourselves in an environment or in environments that stops our growth, It's like saying your a rose, but they planted you in a flower pot and put you on the front porch in the middle of winter! You will not survive! You can not grow in an environment that is not meant for you! "Don't lose your petals", meaning water the things or the thing in you to keep your petals growing!

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